TELUS Health and its partners have designed an eForm integrated billing solution, enabling you to securely access your data and bill directly from within your EMR.

  • Save time and eliminate errors thanks to electronic entry of billing codes and automatic data transfer.
  • Automate background data entry to improve billing.
  • Put an end to missing billing data.

Price $279/year, per physician*
*One time activation fee of $250.

Billing systems integrated with TELUS Health
eForm integrated billing retrieves patient data from the EMR to create a preliminary bill, letting you check off the acts that were performed from a list of the most common acts based on your practice and your clinic. The bill is validated and transmitted directly to the RAMQ, eliminating administrative tasks and minimising payment delays. eForm billing integrated with KinLogix (French only) eForm billing integrated with Medesync (French only)

Benefits :

  • Minimize the need for manual data entry
  • Rapid data entry from a list of billing codes relevant to your practice
  • Validation of acts according to the patient (age, vulnerabilities, number of registered patients)
  • Direct transmission to the RAMQ and display of estimated billing amounts
  • Ability to seek advice or request verification by **


** Elite plan only


The FMP billing eForm is the easiest and fastest way to send claims to your billing agent from your EMR. The FMP integration gives you:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple validations to maximize billing while minimizing errors
  • Billing codes that adjust automatically based on each patient’s status and particularities
  • A billing eForm customized to your practice
  • Multiple automations (8875, technical support centre, FMG, FMG-Network, network clinic, etc.)
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Technical support
  • Billing advice and support


Moneo by Softinfo
Introducing Moneo, by Softinfo, the newest RAMQ prebilling solution. Three clicks of a mouse in your EMR and your bill is on its way.

Moneo by SoftInfo eForm billing integrated with KinLogix (French only)

Moneo by SoftInfo eForm billing integrated with Medesync (French only)

eForm billing, generated by your EMR, enables:

  • Save time and money
    Errors are reduced to a strict minimum, with the automated transfer of patient details and billing codes
  • Maximize your revenues
    Automate certain background information items and validate the exactness of data before transmitting to the RAMQ, to improve billing outcomes
  • Access to your billing reports online
  • And more!


Fonds FMOQ

The billing interface offers numerous advantages:

  • Entry page customized to your type of practice
  • Possibility of configuring various recurring acts, diagnoses and referring professionals
  • Automatic add-on of various contextual elements and other information to your invoices when applicable
  • Constant follow-up and immediate integration of changes mandated by the RAMQ
  • Display of patient features such as registrations and vulnerability codes
  • Quick consultation of your submitted invoice reports, with preliminary amounts, as well as deposit notices and statements of account
  • Dedicated billing technician to answer your questions


With Xacte, you can automatically create payment requests directly from your EMR. All the relevant billing information fills in, and all you need to do is specify the services to be billed.

Xacte eForm billing integrated with KinLogix (French only)

Xacte eForm billing integrated with Medesync (French only)


  • Advanced validations to prevent declined payments (age, registration, wait times, etc.)
  • Visual indicator based on the registration status of your patients
  • Direct or batch submission, depending on your preference
  • Personalized pick lists for services related to your discipline
  • Personalized shortcuts for services
  • Automation: Billing code 8875, FMG contexts (or others, depending on the situation)
  • Online account statements and billing documents
  • Reports and statistics module
  • Xacte Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Optional Expert service to help you through the billing process


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