TELUS Health for your clinic

At TELUS Health, we’re working with clinics across the country to improve information-sharing and harness the real power of technology.

With TELUS EMR, our processes are more streamlined, allowing our team to work more efficiently during the day and help more patients – decreasing wait times.

Vincent della Zazzera, MD, FRCSC, OBS/GYN
Ottawa, ON

Largest EMR provider in Canada
Canadian healthcare providers use a TELUS Health EMR solution
dedicated specialists on the TELUS Health team, to manage all your tech and data needs
years of experience in the business of information and information-sharing
$2 billion
invested in the Canadian healthcare system in the last five years
Valued by specialists and family physicians alike since 2002, MedAccess is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that can help enhance overall patient care, improve collaboration, save time and reduce costs.
PS Suite is a powerful, easy to use, and customizable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that puts your relevant patient information at your fingertips.

EMR Mobile
Your files at your fingertips! Consult your agenda and display your patients’ notes and basic data from the clinic, while you are at the hospital, home or on the road. Plus, upload images to complete your files. No images or data remain in the device. Thousands of Canadian physicians already use it nationally.
Provider-to-provider communications
Simplify your communications with other clinics by sending or receiving referrals, eConsults and other direct messages right from your EMR. Communications are stored in the patient chart of the EMR. Benefit from unlimited digital or eFax communications at a flat monthly rate with no overage.
Seamless Transition
Changing your EMR is simpler than you think. We have completed thousands of hassle-free conversions, using a proven approach, all backed by supported training and learning.

"The entire cut-over was seamless. The TELUS implementation team researched all my requirements right from the start, and didn’t stop until everything was right. They kept their promise."

Dr. McMahon,Orthopedic Surgeon
A complete solution
A major advantage of working with TELUS Health is we can take care of your tech and data requirements, reducing your total cost of ownership and streamlining your operations.

From EMR, smooth data migration, tech support to hardware equipment, software installation, phone, Internet and mobility bundles— we cover all the bases for your clinic. We make it easy so you can stay focused on your patients.
Not yet using a TELUS Health EMR?
Ready for a change, but daunted by the task?
Make sure you have the right people supporting you!
There are a number of important items to consider when moving from one EMR solution to another. At TELUS Health, we simplify the migration process with an implementation model that has been proven in hundreds of clinics.
A project manager will be assigned to you right from the start to guide you through the implementation process. He or she is backed up by data conversion, implementation and training teams.

After analysing your work methods, we propose a complete project plan suited to the reality of your clinic, reception and consultations, from forms to scanning and more.

The members of your team will receive training based on their roles and responsibilities, making for rapid adoption of the TELUS Health EMR.
We will conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your data with you to ensure that all items are properly matched in your new EMR.

We undertake a number of steps to validate your data before transferring it

Your data is in place, based on your specific requirements as soon as you start using your new EMR, ensuring a smooth transition!
We have a large and dedicated team of conversion specialists ready and experienced in implementation. Not to mention our team of support, sales and development teams, all available to assist you throughout the process.

TELUS Health has extensive experience in data migration:
  • We have imported data from millions of files for thousands of physicians from almost every Canadian EMR.
  • We have designed tools that optimize the conversion of data in your new EMR.