An innovation from TELUS Health

Transmitting medical reports electronically from your EMR to the CNESST is now possible. Available with KinLogix and Medesync, this new user-friendly and intuitive service is free for TELUS Health EMR users.

Through a partnership with CNESST, TELUS Health designed a free functionality that allows you to send medical reports electronically for:





Save time and transmit securely!

          Fill out medical reports, right from your TELUS Health EMR with just a few clicks.
       Attach electronic documents relevant to the file, including lab results, radiology reports, etc.
        Send your reports to the CNESST electronically, safely and quickly.
         You’ll receive a confirmation of your transmission to the CNESST. You can then print two copies for patients.

A free service with many benefits

Process integrated into your EMR
Faster turnaround and no postage
Reduced risk of error
Secure transmission to the CNESST

Not using a TELUS Health EMR?

More than 16,000 physicians across Canada trust TELUS Health’s EMR solution. In Quebec, more than 85% of physicians using KinLogix and Medesync said they would recommend their EMR to their peers.

We know that making the decision to move from one EMR solution to another is a difficult one, but TELUS Health knows what it takes to make the conversion seamless. We work with you to understand your practice, and together we'll design a conversion plan - as well as training and support services - to meet your needs.

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We use a personalized approach to each migration project, including a comprehensive review of your data before the migration begins.

  • Our migration process ensures you see what the results of the chart migration will be before it is completed, giving you an opportunity to request modifications to support your charting practices.
  • We review the data quality with you during testing, when we can identify gaps or other potential issues.
  • Finally, we allow you to review and approve the final result in a test environment - prior to complete migration - eliminating surprises which could cause issues later on.


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TELUS Health has extensive experience in data migration.
  • We have imported data from 1.5 million patient charts to date in 16 different EMRs.
  • We have developed tools to simplify and optimize the conversion of your data in your new EMR.

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Medesync is a revolutionary electronic medical records system built by doctors for doctors with modules for scheduling, billing, prescribing, clinical encounter note-taking and much more. Medesync offers a complete solution with a clean web-based interface that gives you access to your medical records from wherever you are. Medesync can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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KinLogix EMR is a cloud-based solution used in medical clinics that captures, organizes and displays critical patient data in one integrated patient record. With Kinlogix, users access an intuitive interface while improving efficiency of administrative tasks and care delivery, further enriching the patient-physician encounter. The solution’s core benefits lie in its simplicity and robustness. 91% of KinLogix users would recommend it to their peers.

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