TELUS Health for your clinic

TELUS Health is convinced that information-sharing is a powerful tool for improving healthcare. We enable this vision by offering EMRs that have been proven by hundreds of clinics and a range of complementary solutions that foster collaboration between healthcare professionals throughout the care continuum.
22 000
doctors across Canada use a TELUS EMR
6 700
pharmacies in Canada use our solutions
40 000
healthcare professionals use our eClaims solutions
2 Billion
dollars invested in health over 3 years
A fully web-based, high-performance EMR that can be customised for your practice
An EMR that has proven its worth, designed to make your medical practice efficient.
More than just an EMR
Our range of complementary value-added services, some of which are free, meet all of your clinic’s technology needs. Save time, increase collaboration with other professionals and exploit the full potential of your EMR.
EMR Mobile
Your files at your fingertips! Consult your agenda and display your patients’ notes and basic data from the clinic, the hospital, home or on the road. Plus, upload images to complete your files. Transmission is highly secure: no images or data remain in the device. Over 7900 physicians already use it daily.
With this free service for doctors, it just takes three clicks to accept or refuse renewal requests submitted by the pharmacy. You and the pharmacist save time, benefiting your patients. No more phone calls, faxes, manual entry or transcription errors! Fully electronic, eRenewal automatically updates the renewal information in your EMR and in the DSQ (QHR).
Online benefit check
From your EMR’s prescriber, quickly see more affordable therapeutic equivalents based on the patient’s insurance coverage. With this free service, minimise discussions with pharmacists and have one-click access to the insurer’s authorization form. One more way to encourage treatment compliance by patients without compromising your productivity.
IT equipment and technical support
Access a range of equipment that meets your clinic’s needs, maximising the potential of your EMR and helping you to achieve peak performance. With TELUS Health as your computer equipment provider, you can concentrate on your patients, knowing you have expert turnkey service on-hand to manage your installed base.
Integrated billing with the EMR
With the eform designed by TELUS Health and its partners, safely retrieve data from your EMR to send your billing directly to the RAMQ or your agency. Save time and eliminate the risk of errors with electronic entry of billing codes and the transfer of patient and appointment information.
Electronic transmission of medical reports to the CNESST
Designed by TELUS Health, in cooperation with the CNESST, this free service allows you to complete and securely send medical reports to the CNESST from your EMR. Attach lab results, radiology reports and more. Save time, avoid mistakes associated with paper forms, and limit delays and mailing costs.
Not yet using a TELUS Health EMR?
Ready for a change, but daunted by the task?
Make sure you have the right people supporting you!
There are a number of important items to consider when moving from one EMR solution to another. At TELUS Health, we simplify the migration process with an implementation model that has been proven in hundreds of clinics.
A project manager will be assigned to you right from the start to guide you through the implementation process. He or she is backed up by data conversion, implementation and training teams.

After analysing your work methods, we propose a complete project plan suited to the reality of your clinic, reception and consultations, from forms to scanning and more.

The members of your team will receive training based on their roles and responsibilities, making for rapid adoption of the TELUS Health EMR.
We will conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your data with you to ensure that all items are properly matched in your new EMR.

We undertake a number steps to validate your data before transferring it.

Your data is in place, based on your specific requirements as soon as you start using your new EMR, ensuring a smooth transition!
More than 25 members of the EMR team are assigned to implementation projects, not to mention support, sales and development teams, all available to assist you.

TELUS Health has extensive experience in data migration:
  • We have imported data from 4 millions patient files and from 16 different EMRs.
  • We have designed tools that optimize the conversion of data in your new EMR.