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“It's a tremendous amount of information that we have to deal with in our practice on a daily basis”

Dr. Gerald Achtymichuk

Right from your EMR, use MedDialog™ to simplify the exchange of referrals, eConsults or other patient related communications with physicians outside your clinic.

MedDialog is now being offered to TELUS Health customers in the Ottawa region as an initial launch and we plan to continue to expand throughout 2017 across Canada. You may provide your contact information and we can inform you when MedDialog will be available for you.

Click here if you are a PS Suite or Med Access user based out of Ottawa and want to be part of the Free Trial running until September 30th, 2017.

Stay connected to the patient care team,
wherever they are

What is MedDialog?

MedDialog is a communication solution fully integrated in your EMR, allowing you to send communications without interrupting your day-to-day workflows. It supports conversations revolving around patient care with the intent of creating a connected primary care ecosystem.

What is Integrated eFax?

Integrated eFax is a solution from TELUS Health that lets you send faxes directly from your EMR. This solutions is currently offered with MedDialog, allowing you to connect with all your network of providers, even the ones still leveraging a fax. All the communications get stored in the EMR and no restrictions on communications or fax pages apply.


Who is it for?

MedDialog and Integrated eFax is currently offered to PS Suite and Med Access EMR users in the Ottawa region and will continue to expand across Canada throughout 2017. The service will be integrated with other TELUS Health EMR solutions, will evolve to connect you to the extended care team, and will be expanded to include external partners as well.


Why is this so important?

Secure and convenient electronic communication among a patient’s care team – primary care providers, specialists, pharmacists and patients themselves – is core to redefining Canada’s health ecosystem.

Optimize provider-to-provider communications

Gain efficiency

  • Send and receive patient information quickly and easily right from your EMR.
  • Reduce costs associated with printing faxes (~0.10 per page).
  • Use MedDialog with Integrated eFax to keep all patient conversations in the EMR.
  • Decrease time spent manually sorting and distributing papers.

Facilitate continuity of care

  • Receive confirmations of message delivery (even when receiving providers use a fax).
  • Store communications electronically in the EMR chart to ensure provider has full history.
  • Ensure all patient data transmissions follow security best practices.

Leverage eConsult fee codes

  • Send eConsults and bill for Ontario's new fee codes right from your EMR.

Keep me informed on the MedDialog rollout

If you are a physician or clinic staff member that uses a TELUS or other vendor EMR and you would like to leverage MedDialog, click on the link below so we can let you know when the service will be available in your region.

Contact me when MedDialog is available in my region

Want to know more?

Speak to someone

Watch the MedDialog webinar

Thumbnail: Learn more about MedDialog

Katie LeMoyne, Director at TELUS Health, provides context behind communications challenges facing care providers in this free 30 minute webinar that demonstrates MedDialog and Integrated eFax. Watch it anytime, and share with your colleagues.

Watch the webinar recording