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An article by Dr. Michael Guerriere

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What is MedDialog?

Make communications easier and faster. Use your existing EMR database to generate, send and file eFax and digital communications - referrals, eConsults and other patient information.

MedDialog is now being offered to TELUS Health PS Suite®, Med Access, and Wolf customers. The solution will evolve to connect all 22,000 physicians using TELUS EMRs and will be integrated with other software vendors to enable communications with physicians using other EMR platforms. Contact us today for more details.

Integrated workflows

MedDialog is accessible from the EMR. Communications with physicians in other clinics are stored in the patient chart. Minimal changes to your current workflows.

Low cost

Unlimited digital and eFax communications. No overage charges.

Strong return on investment

Decrease labor costs on manual, unreliable processes when sending or receiving referrals. Access reimbursements for each eConsult sent or received via MedDialog.

Connect and collaborate with the patient care team, wherever they are.


What is MedDialog?

MedDialog is a national communication solution that lets you exchange an unlimited number of digital messages or eFaxes with physicians in other clinics regarding the care of your patients – directly from your EMR. All communication history, such as referrals, specialist consultations, laboratory testing results and other patient information, remains within the digital patient chart.

Watch the demo video | Download the MedDialog datasheet | View our latest webinars


Who is it for?

MedDialog and Integrated eFax is currently offered to PS Suite, Med Access, and Wolf EMR users across Canada, and will continue to expand to our Quebec platforms this year. The service will be integrated with other TELUS Health EMR solutions, will evolve to connect you to the extended care team, and will be expanded to include external partners as well.


Why is this so important?

Secure and convenient electronic communication among a patient’s care team – primary care providers, specialists, pharmacists and patients themselves – is core to redefining Canada’s health ecosystem.

What is in it for me and my patients?

Continuity of care and patient safety

  • All patient information shared with other clinics is stored in the EMR – right in the patient chart.
  • Digital and eFax exchanges follow security best practices and are compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Receive confirmations of message delivery (even when communication with providers using a manual fax).

Clinic operational efficiency

  • Eliminate manual transcribing, scanning or phoning by posting communications directly to the patient chart, as they are generated or as they are sent to your clinic.
  • Minor changes to your EMR workflows - leverage your EMR contact database to send digital or eFax messages and post incoming faxes directly to the patient chart.
  • Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously without worrying about tying-up the line.

Save time and money

  • Benefit from unlimited in-coming and out-going digital and eFax communications for a flat rate with no overage charges.
  • Send or receive eConsults and bill fee codes right from your EMR.
  • Decrease labor costs associated with manual communication processes by sending digital and eFax. messages from your EMR.
  • Reduce costs associated with printing faxes (~0.10 per page).

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