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The clinical side of Ubik is very evolved. Options and documentation are quick and easy.

Martin Beaucage, pharmacist owner - Uniprix Gatineau

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Ubik saves us a lot of time, which we can spend enhancing patient care.

Danh Pham, pharmacist owner - Proxim Montréal

Ubik is an intuitive, logical system that doesn’t require weeks of practice to learn.

Vanessa Biss, pharmacist - Proxim Montréal

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I wouldn’t change our management solution now. Ubik is complete.

Mélissa Loisel, pharmacist - Uniprix Bonaventure

We have all the key patient information right at our fingertips. There’s nothing missing. I love Ubik!

Molie Crêtes, technician - Uniprix Gatineau

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Ubik is your complete solution – and here’s why!

With its multiple control functions – including touch screen, pop-up menus and key word searching capabilities – Ubik’s interface is flexible and easy to navigate. Do more in less time: batch renewals, simplified group management, or multiple simultaneous actions. Every completed action is logged, ensuring you are in full compliance with even the most rigorous practice standards.

Flexible, efficient, and accountable, Ubik is your made-to-measure solution.

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With its intuitive interface, user-friendly platform, and seamless integration into the DSQ, Ubik is tailored for you.

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Do more in less time, with features and capabilities that make your life easier.

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In line with professional requirements, every completed action is now logged and fully traceable.

Notice: Videos presented on this page are available in French only.

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Ubik - a guided tour 
October 4, 8:00 am

Watch a recording of the last webinar: Ubik – a guided tour.


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Kevin M. Kirkcaldy

Product Manager and Owner-Pharmacist

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Anne Leduc

Product Manager and Pharmacist