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How to create a better patient-provider experience.

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“When we started using Ocean, we saw immediate improvements to our patient flow and productivity. Not only did we eliminate the need to type and then file or scan intake forms, we also didn’t have to deal with the frustration of trying to transcribe handwritten forms.”

- Laurie Williams, Office Manager, Brock University Student Health Services

Get more from your EMR with OceanMD.


By partnering with best-in-class healthcare technology companies, TELUS Health is dedicated to helping you optimize your clinic operations, improve your patient experience, and advance patient care. Ocean’s form and appointment reminders provide a highly customized way to send automated messages to your patients before or after an appointment. Send appointment details, forms to complete based on the visit type, or automate patient experience surveys.

With Ocean Tablets in your clinic, patients can complete forms, update their contact information, and provide a detailed patient history, all from a secure mobile device that seamlessly updates your EMR. Choose from Ocean’s library of 1000’s of forms, or edit and build your own.


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