You can now use eClaims through Medexa. You will find everything you need to start using the integration on this page: webinar recording with the eClaims and Medexa teams, frequently asked questions, and information you will need to set up and start using the integration. 

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To start using eClaims from Medexa, follow these steps: 
1. Register for eClaims, if you haven't already. 
2. Register for Medexa, if you haven't already.
3. Set up the integration with these articles.
4. Review the information below to find the information you need in the eClaims Provider Portal.
Username – the username you use to log into the eClaims portal. 
Password – the password you use to log into the eClaims portal. If you have forgotten your TELUS eClaims username or need to reset your password you can do so directly on the eClaims portal.
First Name – make sure this matches what TELUS has.
Last Name – make sure this matches what TELUS has.
Location ID – to find your location ID, follow these steps: 
1. Log in to the eClaims portal with an admin account.
2. On the home screen, click on "Email and Banking Information".
eClaims API screenshot 1 - EN.PNG
3. On the right side of the screen in the middle, under Location, you will see your location ID.
eClaims API screenshot 2 - EN.PNG

To find your Organization name and Organization CPR ID, follow these steps:
1. Within the eClaims portal, go to the "Email and Baking Information" page.
2. Your Organization name and Organization CPR ID are displayed at the top right of the page under “Profile”.
 eClaims screenshot 3.png
Provider Name - use the name displayed under Associate Provider on the TELUS Provider Portal if you are adding providers who are part of a clinic. 
Provider type (i.e. discipline)
License ID – The license numbers should match what was provided to TELUS during registration. If there are leading zeros or spaces in the license number, please include them. If the License ID does not match exactly what TELUS has on file for you, you will get an error message when you submit your first claim. If this occurs, contact TELUS. Note that this ID is not displayed on the TELUS eClaims Portal for privacy reasons. 
License issuer (the college or association who issued the license). Note that this is not displayed on the TELUS eClaims Portal for privacy reasons. 
Provider CPR ID (issued by TELUS) – to find the Provider CPR ID, follow these steps: 
1. Within the eClaims portal, go to the “Email and Banking Information” page again.
2. The Provider CPR ID’s of all your associate providers are listed at the bottom right of the page under Associate providers.
If you work independently and don’t have any associate providers, your Provider CPR ID is displayed under Profile (top right of the page).
 eClaims screenshot 4.png
You may also find your Provider ID at the top of the screen:
eClaims API screenshot 3 - EN.PNG
Read these articles to set up the eClaims and Medexa integration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

eClaims-related questions
Who are the participating insurers with eClaims? You can find the participating insurers in the Discover the participating insurers section on our information page. Stay tuned as new insurers join the service.

How is the coordination of benefits applied? You can use coordination of benefits if both the Primary and Secondary coverage are under the same insurance company and through an insurer that supports coordination of benefits. When you submit the coordination request, only the primary is processed in real-time, the secondary claim is processed manually and sent to the recipient member. For more information on coordination of benefits, visit the Coordination of benefits (primary and secondary coverage) section on our FAQ page.

Is eClaims still free, although there are costs to use Medexa? Yes. Registering and using eClaims is free. If you want to use eClaims through Medexa, there are fees (to Medexa).

Where can I find more information about eClaims? For more information about eClaims and its benefits, visit our information page. To register, visit our registration page. If you are looking for training material to start using eClaims, visit our Resource Center.

Which healthcare professionals are eligible for eClaims? To see the full list of eligible roles by insurer, visit the Insurer-specific section on our FAQ page. We are working on adding new roles.
Medexa-related questions
Does Medexa integrate with Quickbooks? Medexa is built so you can import data to quickbooks.
Are explanations of benefits saved for future use? Yes the explanations of benefits are saved in the patient’s file.
What is the cost of using Medexa? There is a 299$ setup fee. The monthly fee starts at $17 per user.
Is there a free trial period to test out Medexa? Please contact our sales team for more information about free trials.
Is it possible for patients/clients to book appointments directly through Medexa? Yes, Medexa offers online booking.
Can we upload the report to the clinic notes? You can upload external files, such as PDFs and images to patient's files.
Can the program handle fillable PDFs? The fillable PDFs can be filled out outside of Medexa and then easily imported in the patient file. 

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