Wolf Patient Portal now available

The Wolf Patient Portal is a web application that gives patients and caregivers convenient and secure access to patients' health information so they can book appointments online, access information in their electronic medical chart and receive notifications. This tool allows you to get patients involved and engaged in their own healthcare.

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The Wolf Patient Portal will help you:

  • offer online appointment booking, fully integrated with your TELUS Health EMR
  • increase efficiency with electronic patient scheduling and improve patient care
  • promote patient engagement and satisfaction

What are the immediate benefits of Wolf Patient Portal for my clinic?

  • Reduce time spent booking appointments and responding to routine requests
  • Streamline everyday tasks, allowing staff to focus on more high-value work
  • Decrease the number of outbound calls for non-urgent recalls and screening reminders

Why would patients and their families sign up for Wolf Patient Portal?

  • Convenient online appointment booking
  • Improve patient care, by giving patients secure access to their medical information online so they can take a more active role in their own health care outside of an office visit
  • Provide patients with supplementary health education to enhance patient care

Is Wolf Patient Portal secure?

Yes it is a secure and private application. The Patient Portal has undergone rigorous security and privacy reviews and TELUS consults with regional medical associations and privacy offices to ensure alignment with security and privacy best practices.

  • Two factor registration ensures only authenticated users can access the system
  • The portal connects to the securely hosted EMR directly, using encryption
  • All portal activities are tracked and available via the EMR audit log
  • All messages to and from patients are automatically documented in the patient chart, for quick and easy access

Other frequently asked questions

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Case study with Mission Oaks Medical Centre

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“Our patients love the freedom they have to go into the system on evenings and weekends to book with their doctors,” says Erin Philbrook, a medical office assistant with the Mission Oaks Clinic. “They appreciate the system’s flexibility, and being able to readily access their medical summaries, lab results, medications and vaccinations lists first hand when they need that information.”

“We’ve found the portal helps patients book appointments in a more convenient fashion and has become more popular,” says Dr. Peter Barnsdale, a physician at Mission Oaks Clinic . “Some patients are enjoying the opportunity to see results and diagnostic summaries, although it has led to occasional discussions about diagnoses of which they weren’t fully aware.”

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